Supreme Concepts' Latest Exciting Travel Opportunity

Supreme Concepts' President detailed the company's recent R&R trip to the Dominican Republic. He also discussed some of the career-boosting perks team members enjoy throughout the year.

A few hand-selected Supreme Concepts associates recently ventured to the Dominican Republic for a rest and relaxation getaway. Lamine, the firm’s President, noted that there were also remarkable networking opportunities for those who attended the R&R event. The top performers who made the trip had plenty of chances to soak up the sun as they added value to their contact lists and gained inspiration to hit even higher targets in 2019.

The R&R trip was also an ideal opportunity for members of Team Supreme Concepts to get away from the demands of the office and reflect on their career goals. Lamine noted that when people can get fresh perspectives on past achievements, they come back to work even more motivated to perform at a high level. There are often award ceremonies at the industry events the firm’s associates attend, so they also get a clearer view of the big business picture. Seeing people recognized and even promoted for their dedication is an inspiring experience. 

Supreme Concepts’ President on the Advantages Team Members Enjoy

Travel incentives are among the many career-boosting benefits enjoyed by those who join the Supreme Concepts team. Lamine remarked that enjoying some time away from the office helps the firm’s associates collaborate more smoothly. He added that teamwork is the foundation of the Supreme Concepts workplace, and that it benefits from team members learning more about each other’s positive traits and talents far from home.

Although common goals bring members of Team Supreme Concepts together, they also leave room for originality and individual growth. Lamine believes this is the perfect atmosphere for progress, as when team members flourish so does the company as a whole. The firm’s in-depth approach to training and coaching ensures that associates continue learning long after they’ve been fully onboarded.

A variety of travel incentives aid team members’ advancement, including national conferences, leadership events, and retreats such as the Dominican Republic excursion. The firm’s associates also take part in a range of philanthropic events that allow them to collaborate in new settings. Lamine noted that sharpening skills and learning new things in different contexts helps team members build confidence. They return to the Supreme Concepts office better equipped to combine their talents and create winning outreach campaigns.

About Supreme Concepts:

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