Supreme Concepts' Fun, Supportive Team Atmosphere

The President of Supreme Concepts discussed the firm's empowering work culture and how team-building events fortify it. He also shared a few essential goal-setting strategies utilized by the firm's associates.

​Team nights have become an important part of the Supreme Concepts work culture. Lamine, the firm’s President, explained that getting together away from the office builds trust and strengthens bonds between associates. Through unique tournaments, trips to fun places like Dave & Buster’s, and even team excursions to Dallas, Las Vegas, and international destinations, the firm’s associates forge connections that fuel winning teamwork.

Lamine believes that with an office full of team players, success is inevitable. He added that the combined talent under the Supreme Concepts roof allows for fast winning outcomes from their innovative outreach campaigns. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives, because company leaders know each associate has something of value to offer. Lamine noted that the energy of new team members and the wisdom of seasoned executives provide an ideal balance.

With a diverse team dedicated to maintaining integrity and excellence, Lamine trusts Supreme Concepts is well positioned for growth in 2019 and beyond. Incoming associates will continue to benefit from frequent team nights and personalized coaching as the company expands.

Supreme Concepts’ President Outlines Some Simple and Effective Goal-Setting Strategies

An emphasis on setting ambitious goals is a key part of the Supreme Concepts ethos. Team members are encouraged to establish clear benchmarks from their first days on the job. This goes for personal improvement and key metrics on behalf of national service partners. With specific results in mind, team members can measure their progress and make the right types of adjustments along the way.

Having clear outcomes in mind is one essential goal-setting technique the firm’s associates employ, but it’s far from the only one. Lamine noted that starting with the end result in mind has proven effective for everyone on Team Supreme Concepts. Knowing what they want to achieve in the long run makes it easier for team members to stay disciplined and overcome whatever obstacles might emerge.

Writing down goals is another strategy the firm’s associates put into action every day. Lamine explained that seeing objectives in writing makes them more achievable. Putting aspirations down on paper also encourages people to set practical action steps that ensure incremental progress. Team members frequently share input on their goals with each other as a way of refining each objective.

About Supreme Concepts:
Supreme Concepts’ expertise is at the heart of the firm’s reputation as the region’s leader in customer acquisitions. They use a flexible, in-person outreach model to connect with targeted markets while securing long-term engagement and business growth. By staying on top of the latest marketing and consulting trends, they help companies beat the competition in record time. With top-tier leadership and a solid set of values to guide them, the team infuses passion and excellence into all their campaigns. Visit to learn about their most recent and future endeavors.

Source: Supreme Concepts